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Family Medicine

Comprehensive healthcare for your entire family – we treat your family like our own!

Urgent Care

No need to go elsewhere for urgent care – our healthcare clinic has you covered!

Weight Loss

Customized weight loss plans designed to help you reach your healthiest weight!

Specialty Care

With an extensive network of specialty doctors, we can provide you with a full spectrum of care!

North Houston Family Medicine

Our mission at North Houston Family Medicine is to treat every individual that walks through our doors the same way we would treat a member of our own family’s healthcare needs. Our clinics’ commitment to excellence extends to the communities we serve, the patients we care for and the employees that make up our extraordinary team. 

Our values and mission will always be the cornerstone to our promise – we are committed to healthcare and we are committed to you. Keep reading to learn more about what this means for you and your family.



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Succeeding with your New Years Weight Loss Resolution

So, you made weight loss your New Years Resolution for 2019! Now, you will need some practical strategies to stick with that resolution as you plunge forward into your new healthy lifestyle. Here are 3 effective ones to turn your weight loss resolution into reality....

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Suboxone Treatment for Opioid Addiction

By Dr. Gouher Wali I hear this story all the time from my patient’s that they went for some kind of surgery and they were given pain pills. They took a few in the beginning to relieve the pain. The pain was gone after a certain time period. But, they could not stop...

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Appointments & Referrals

At NHFM, our centralized scheduling team makes appointment scheduling and referral coordination easy and convenient. Call (281) 789-8207 to inquire about a referral written by your doctor.

North Houston Family Medicine