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Succeeding with your New Years Weight Loss Resolution

So, you made weight loss your New Years Resolution for 2019! Now, you will need some practical strategies to stick with that resolution as you plunge forward into your new healthy lifestyle. Here are 3 effective ones to turn your weight loss resolution into reality.

#1- Make A Plan

Rather than just setting a huge end goal like 50 lbs, try breaking it down into smaller easily achievable steps. If you want to lose weight, then what can you do to achieve it?

Adding a new physical activity goal to perform a few times weekly can help jump-start new habits. Something as simple as parking in the farthest spot in the lot, walking the dog around the block or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are great starting points. Then as you are able, increase the difficulty and add to the list to keep things fresh and new.

Planning your meals and batch preparing them ahead of time for the week is a great way to start eating healthier and limit portion sizes. Find one or two unhealthy items in your pantry or fridge and replace it with a healthy option every week. This will lead to a gradual change rather than a drastic one. Try to cook vs. eating out and avoid frozen diet dinners. Healthy eating does not have to taste bad, so explore new seasoning options and try new recipes. Reward yourself with a small indulgence once every week or two for your hard work.

#2- Track Your Progress

Make a food journal and write down what you eat daily. This will help you start eliminating or replacing certain items that might not be healthy options. Write down your starting weight and then only weigh yourself every 1 to 2 weeks. This will give time for your positive changes to start kicking in.

#3- Hold Yourself Accountable

Find a trusted friend or family member to partner with to keep you on track and discuss your progress weekly or even monthly. Your chance of completing a goal increases to 95% if you set a specific accountability appointment with the person you committed to. Personal trainers are a great option as well.

It is important to approach this weight loss resolution as a lifestyle change. Quick fixes never last long term. Dr. Nagi and her team are ready to work with you towards your new and healthy life change goals. Schedule your appointment today to safely monitor and enhance your journey!

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